Pole Fitness Class Information

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Center Stage Fitness & Aerial Arts has certified instructors that teach a variety of exhilarating classes from Introductory through Advanced. Pole fitness class students progress through the levels at their own pace.  Your abilities will be evaluated by our instructors to ensure that you are ready to progress through each pole fitness class.

Pole Fitness Class Information

Each pole fitness class consists of a warm up, pole instruction and a cool down.

Pole “Stages” sessions teach beginner through advance pole moves and choreographed dance routines.   Our classes are structured with a maximum of one person per pole to allow for more one-on-one instruction.  Open pole classes are offered for needed practice and for overall ease of classes.

Pole progression class sessions are offered to enhance and perfect your pole moves, transitions, dancing or a special choreographed dance for your significant other.

All classes and sessions are scheduled – please do not stop by the studio randomly. Please visit the class calendar to schedule a session or join a class prior to the date of the event. Please contact us with any questions regarding the class schedule.

Center Stage Special!

Includes 9 Classes: 1 Aerial Yoga Silks Class, 1 Chair Dance Exercise Class, 1 Glowga – Blacklight Yoga Class, 1 Hula Hoop Yoga Class, 1 Introductory Pole Class, 1 Mat Yoga Class,
1 Pole Conditioning Class, 1 Pole Stages Class and 1 Vertical Barre Sculpting Class. Value: $175.00. A 25% Discount!


Introductory Class
This class allows you to find out what pole dancing has to offer for your overall fitness needs. All fitness levels are welcomed. There is a limit to one introductory class per person.  After you discover pole dance fitness you can register for your first Pole “Stages” Session. $20 per class.
Pre-requisite for first Pole “Stages” Class.

Pole “Stages” Class Sessions
Our classes are offered by the session to help you progress and increase your own strength and stamina.  Each class is scheduled for an hour.  A maximum of six students to a class ensures that everyone will have plenty of pole time, individualized instruction with safe and secure spotting.  For your first “Stages” classes, you will learn the basics of pole dancing, with spins and transitions for your dance routines.  In more advanced “Stages” classes, you will learn how to go in all directions, sideways and even upside down while taking your dance routines to a whole new performance level.  These classes are a full body workout and you will improve your strength level, stamina, and tone and condition your entire body. Our classes are not coed  unless prior advance arrangements have been made for those that want to workout in a mixed gender class. Please contact 603-801-3032 before booking. $30 per class. 5 Class Pack – $100.
10 Class Pack – $150.

pole fitness

Pole Class Sampler!


This package includes: 1 Introductory Pole Class, 1 Pole Play Class, 1 Pole Conditioning Class, 1 Pole Progression Class (all skill levels) and 1 Stages Pole Class. Value: $105.00. A 50% Discount!


Classes for the Men
These classes follow the same Six Stage class structure, exception they are designed as a private individual class setting (unless otherwise specified), designed to strengthen core muscles, toning and get empowered on the pole. Men will also learn choreographed routines if desired. $30 per class.

Pole or Chair Private Session
This one-on-one personal training session for both pole and chair dancing allows you to practice and perform your pole/chair work, dance moves, floor work or choreography. This is your private time so it is geared to whatever you would like to work on. $75 per session.

Pole Play 
These classes are available for women and men (classes are not co-ed unless otherwise specified) and give you the ability to enhance your pole dancing skills and boost your strength training. These extra classes focus just on pole work to add to your dance fitness class and gives every student the opportunity to perfect their pole work and strengthen upper body strength as well as core muscles. You must be enrolled or have completed Stage One as a prerequisite in order to sign up for this class.  $10 per class.  5 Class Pack – $35.  10 Class Pack – $60.

Graduate/Competitor Classes
With these classes, you can maintain the fitness level you’ve achieved and perfect the pole dancing moves you’ve learned as a graduate of all 6 Stages and stay in shape! $40 per class.

For more information about our class offerings, schedule and workshop descriptions or upcoming events, please contact us.

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