A new and sizzling fitness movement is sweeping the United States: Pole Dancing! This form of exercise has taken Australia, Canada, and the U.K. by storm, offering a unique way of staying fit and has been featured exclusively on  U.S. television programming 20/20™, Dateline™, Entertainment Tonight™, King of Queens ™ and Oprah™!

Center Stage Pole Dance & Fitness in Merrimack, NH, offers unique and specialized programs to meet your fitness needs. We teach warm-up programs consisting of Pilates, Yoga, and stretching exercises, that can transform into pole dancing choreography. Our members leave the building feeling confident, empowered, sexy and strong. They build the upper body strength and muscle toning that is essential in keeping your body fit and healthy. This exciting and invigorating fitness program will get you into the best shape of your life!

Pole dancing may have an uncharacteristic appeal, but the invigorating classes are powerful, building upper and lower body strength and toning core muscles to keep you lean and fit. It is a workout program that you will actually enjoy and will make you feel confident in your body and beautiful.

Center Stage Pole Dance & Fitness, Inc. has certified and professionally trained instructors who cannot wait to show you the fitness wonders that Pole Dancing has to offer!

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Pole Sampler Package - $52.50

Includes: 1 Introductory Pole Class, 1 Open Pole Class, 1 Pole Exercise/Flex Class, 1 Pole Progression Class (all skill levels) and 1 Stage 1-3 Pole Class. Value: $105.00. A 50% Discount!