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Center Stage has classes for all levels – even pole fitness for beginners!

Here are some details about getting started!

We offer events for any occasion which can be either in a group setting or held privately. Each class consists of a warm up, pole instruction and a cool down. Students should wear workout attire and bring bottled water. To ensure a firm grip on the pole, do not apply lotion before a class. We have classes for all ages and ability levels – even pole fitness for beginners! Check out our Beginner Pole class and book your first class at Center Stage!

Below are some frequently asked questions about our studio and pole dance fitness in general. Please review these so you know what to expect for your first class.


Pole Fitness

When are classes offered and prices?

Classes are held Monday thru Saturday and Sunday by appt.

Our Most Popular Classes are: $20 Beginner Pole, $30 Stage One thru Six Class, & our practice class $15 Pole Play- *Prerequisite Beginner Pole

Or purchase a package and save $$$$$

Where are your classes located?

We are located at 2 Paul’s Way, Unit 2, Amherst, NH.

 How do I register for a class or event?

Register online at: or by phone at 603-801-3032. Full payment is due at the time of registration.   See policy for refunds / cancellations

When do I need to register for the upcoming classes?

We take class registrations at any time for future classes. Generally class enrollment begins on Sunday before the start of the next week. Class space is limited- if you want to secure a class time, book it as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  Our classes have been booked full for the past few weeks with waiting lists for the upcoming classes.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash and credit/debit cards in studio and credit/debit cards through online booking.


What is the typical age of your clients?

Our clients have ranged from 18-68. Typically our clients are from 25-55.

Do I have to be strong to take pole dance classes?

Lower stage classes do not require a lot of strength. Pole dancing requires more agility, balance and motivation than strength. Strength comes with time and practice. Advanced classes will require more upper body strength and conditioning as you move on to more complicated techniques.

Do I have to be in special shape to take a Pole dancing class?

No, you will gain strength and flexibility. Pole dancing is dependent on your attitude and commitment.

What should I wear to class?

Typically t-shirts and yoga pants as long as they can be stretched and pulled well above your knees to allow you to grip the pole.  You will need the bare skin of your arms and legs to assist in gripping the pole for spins. There are facilities to change clothes upon arrival at our location.

Is there nudity involved in these classes?

Nudity is not allowed.

What will I learn to do in a pole dance class?

In our first class you will learn basic dance moves like hip circles and walking. Each week you come back, we will practice what you learned the previous week, and add a couple more moves. By the end of the first stage you will have learned a fully choreographed routine. You will not learn to climb the pole and do inverted moves until stages 3-5.

Do I need previous pole dancing experience?

Previous dance experience of any type is not required. Majority of our clients in a stage one class have never even tried pole dancing before.  We find that clients with previous athletic or dance experience will progress more quickly at first as they are use to following instructions that require mind-body coordination, but eventually, most clients will learn and progress at the same level.

Will I lose weight taking this class?

Only regular exercise and a healthy diet will do this.  If you choose to take pole dance fitness classes several times a week, pole dancing can burn in excess of 200 calories an hour if done continuously.

How many clients are in a class?

Our facility has 6 poles and we will add more as volume dictates. One client per pole, there will be a maximum of 6 clients per class; if you have a larger group we will need to make special arrangements for additional instructors to ensure safety & spotting.

What should I bring with me to class?

Bring bottled water to avoid dehydration. You will be expected to remove all hand and wrist jewelry prior to dancing on the pole so leave it home if you don’t wish to leave it in your purse or bag. No oils or hand lotion on the day of classes.  We supply yoga mats, bring one of your own if you choose.

Where are you located and how do I get there?

Address of Studio: 2 Paul’s Way, Unit 2, Amherst, NH.


Do I need my own pole at home?

No, you are not required to have a pole of your own.   We offer Pole Play practice classes to progress from one stage to another.  Once you become addicted to pole dance fitness and you progress into later stages you may want to purchase one of your own.

I want a pole in my home but I have kids etc, what can I do?

There are fully removable poles on the market that can be put up and taken down. Please talk to us we can help you choose a pole that is safe and fit your needs.

Can I try out a class before I register?

No however, we offer pole fitness for beginners classes on a regular basis.

I have a medical condition – can I still take this class?

This class is a form of fitness and exercise just like any other dance or exercise program. When starting any new activity or exercise, please consult with your physician to determine if you have pre-existing conditions which will be restrictive for this class. Clients with previous injuries or known health conditions are responsible for obtaining a physicians clearance prior to taking any of our classes.  Women who are pregnant cannot take this class.

What is your make up policy if I have to miss a class?

 We have a large volume of clients taking our classes and cannot possibly allow for additional classes if a client misses class. IF there is an opening in another class time at your stage, you may attend that class free of charge only after you have made arrangements with the instructor. Clients who call 12hrs prior to scheduled class and cancel in advance may have the option of attending an “pole play” class & receive their makeup class instruction at no additional fee if previously paid for the cancelled class.   Due to the nature of our classes it is unfair to other clients to take extra time to work with clients during regular class time to help them catch up. Additionally it is unsafe to try to teach material to the client who has returned after missing 2 classes.  Therefore, if a client misses two classes they must attend a paid make up session prior to return or forfeit their place in class without credit. Clients may then return to the next session to start that stage over again but may not move on to the subsequent stage until they have completed the current stage. The repeated session will be charged at the regular posted rates without any credit or discount.

Do you offer group exercise classes or chair dance classes?

We offer various group exercise classes weekly/monthly; the calendar will have the scheduled classes and descriptions.

Do you offer pole dance workshops?

We do offer 2-3 hour workshops in pole dancing, as well as chair dancing & themed events. Check out our Parties and Events section for upcoming workshops.

I’ve already taken a pole dance classes elsewhere or have previous experience – do I need to start at stage one?

Our classes are taught based on proper body mechanics and specific safety considerations they may be quite different from what you have learned or experienced. If you wish to skip any stage of class, you must be evaluated by taking a regular private lesson first for us to determine your level of expertise to assure your safe dance practices.

What they are saying about Center Stage…

  • Best studio ever! The classes go at your pace and the environment is comfortable and fun!

    Mandi Fedele
  • Donna is a fantastic teacher & has a beautiful studio. I have an hour & 20 minute drive, and it's totally worth it!

    Amber Drapeau
  • I can't say enough great things about this place! All of the instructors are knowledgeable in their practice, welcoming, & passionate about what they do, & it shows! Classes are always exciting, & the atmosphere is great! If you have any doubts, don't! Center Stage Fitness & Aerial Arts is totally worth checking out!

    Alana Ferretti

For more information about our pole fitness class information, pole class fitness schedule and workshop descriptions or upcoming events, please contact us.

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